The Team

The Team

As the summer draws to a close, we were finally able to get a large number of our team together for a group photo.  This is the group who are largely responsible for ensuring The Yarmouth Social Enterprises, comprised of The Shanty Cafe and The Store Next Door located at 6 Central St in Yarmouth operate at peak efficiency.  They are such a great group of folks and I am humbled to be with them every day.  These guys show up....really show up....each time they come through the door.

When you support Nova Scotians with disabilities, these are a fraction of people whose lives are impacted.  When employers speak of employee issues like productivity and sick time, I can speak from experience that this issue isn't a problem for our business. 

If you drop by and like what you see, let us know.  We love to hear feedback, and we love to have people come by and check out what we do.  We're so much more than a Cafe and a Store selling food, hockey stick furniture and other products.  We're a group of people working together to reuse, recyle, create healthy food options and laugh and joke while we do so. 

Here in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia we're rocking!!!!!  

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