The Store Next Door Gift Shop is a local Nova Scotia manufacturer and retail outlet store that focuses on employing people with disabilities and recycling wherever possible. We're also Nova Scotia's only source for authentic furniture and products made from recycled hockey sticks.

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Turning hockey sticks into furniture

Recycling at its finest!


Turning hockey sticks into furniture

CBC News Coverage

The Store Next Door had the honor of being featured on CBC News in Nova Scotia, thanks to Colleen Jones. Shortly after, CBC National picked up the story.

Turning hockey sticks into furniture

Cleve's Source for Sports

Here's a picture of two of our employees picking up sticks from Cleve's Source for Sports and stopping long enough to pose for a picture with the Manager of Cleve's Yarmouth.

Kevin Ellis (l), Corey Mahoney (c), Stephen Davidson (r)

Turning hockey sticks into furniture

Requip'd Canada

Here we are showcasing a coat rack made exclusively with sticks from Requip'd Canada.