About Us

The Store Next Door is a Social Enterprise operated by the Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options (YACRO).  YACRO is a Registered Charity providing residential support in the Metro Halifax and Yarmouth area to people with disabilities.  Our mission is to advocate for the rights and dignity of adults and children with disabilities, and to provide and secure work and training opportunities for any Nova Scotian living with disabilities or other employment barriers.

In support of this mission, YACRO has established and operates three Social Enterprises that employ individuals who face barriers to employment (disability, mental illness, age, language, literacy, etc).  One of these Social Enterprises, The Store Next Door is located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and provides employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities.  We believe in, and advocate for, full inclusion of our workforce, with individuals being paid at least minimum wage for all manufacturing work completed. 

Our manufacturing department strives to recycle and reuse existing resources, where possible, in the manufacture of product lines for sale in our store and other locations.  Our teams work cohesively with each member having input into product lines, design, pricing and all other aspects of operation.   

We are aspiring to secure business partnerships in our product manufacturing, which we believe will both promote Nova Scotia, and highlight the potential for meaningful employment for people of all abilities within our Province.