Stick Hunt News

Stick Hunt News

Well the Store Next Door has had a busy couple of weeks.  It has been a real challenge trying to locate sources of hockey sticks.  We've had great supporters in Cleve's Source for Sports, Requip'd Canada and Stick Fix in Halifax but the response to our mission and products has been so great that we've been busy rounding up additional sticks.  Recently Rod from Paradise and Glen from Conception Bay in Newfoundland, Hal from Amherst in Nova Scotia, various hockey teams in Nova Scotia, Kevin from Toronto and Roger from Edmonton have answered our call and are collecting sticks from their areas.   The Amherst Ramblers have collected sticks from their team and tonight the Yarmouth Mariners will be throwing those sticks on their bus and bringing them home to us.  

People with disabilities often lead a marginalized existence, with little income and smaller social circles than others.  Thanks to all of you, those who collect sticks, those who donate sticks, and those who buy our products, The Store Next Door is changing job at a time.

Remember....check your basement, and if you even have one old stick, we'd love to have it to turn into some great, upcycled treasure. You'll be doing something good for the environment too!

Until Next Time!!!

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