Social Enterprise Fund-Raising

Social Enterprise Fund-Raising

For those of you who think that the YACRO Social Enterprises are fully government funded, this is not the case.  Like many other Social Enterprises, we need to raise part of our budget costs.  To that end, we have created a Facebook Page (Yarmouth Social Enterprises) which we intend to use for fund-raising, and other, purposes.  We are looking for people who are willing to donate gently, or never used items for us to sell on this site.  I'm sure, like me, we all have things lying around, taking up space that we never get around to disposing of.  We'd love to take them off your hands and turn them into cash to help finance our efforts to continue supporting the approximately 70 people who are involved with the Yarmouth Social Enterprises.

Please, drop off any items (generally speaking no books or used clothing), to The Store Next Door, 6 Central St, Yarmouth any weekday between 9 am and 4 pm.  If you need pick-up, please call us at 902-742-7867 and we'll try to arrange something.

Please support us and the environment while we continue to turn trash into treasure.  Our community will be better for it.

And don't forget to like our page....Yarmouth Social Enterprises.  That's great support as well!!!!


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