Our Partners

Cleve's Source for Sports

The Cleve’s Source for Sports group joined our efforts almost at the beginning.  The owner has generously offered to donate all sticks returned from their sixteen stores.  He has also graciously offered to have a hockey stick bedroom set up in his Yarmouth store and facilitate orders for The Store Next Door.

Requip'd Canada

Requip’d Canada (Hamilton, Ontario) believes in saving as many hockey sticks from the landfill as possible while helping hockey fans live their passion for the sport everyday.  They donated over 3,500 sticks to The Store Next Door to help us get started and will continue to partner with, and promote us on their website.

Yarmouth Mariner's Centre

The Yarmouth Mariners Centre, and its Manager, Gil Dares, began this journey with The Store Next Door by donating broken sticks to our manufacturing team.  They have set up a recycling box in the arena for individuals to deposit sticks for donation to our business.

Stick Fix Halifax

Stick Fix Halifax has hopped on board with us by donating a number of broken and used hockey & goalie sticks.

Flower Cart Group

Over more than 40 years, Flowercart has served hundreds of people in a wide range of options: including, but not limited to; prevocational program, vocational program, community employment program including an Outreach project (Partners In Employment Outreach) sponsored by Employment Nova Scotia, a Transition-to-Work project for youth, sponsored by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), and our own entrepreneurial activities including a contract to provide labour at the Michelin Tire Plant, Waterville, and What’s Cooking? Commercial Kitchen Services.   The Flower Cart is serving as a pick-up and drop-off centre for donated hockey sticks throughout the Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia.

Dawn Rodger

Dawn is a volunteer who is spearheading a used hockey stick drive in and around the Ottawa area.

Sackville Sports Stadium

The Sackville Sports Stadium & Recreation Services, through David Carr, the Operations Manager, have joined our efforts to keep broken hockey sticks out of the landfills.

Kent Building Supplies

Kent Building Supplies graciously donated an entire lift of pine boards, which is going to enable us to produce more quality products.

Winning Edge Sports

Scott Turnbull - Owner/Operator WINNING EDGE SPORTS. Special Olympic Athletics Coach. Skate Sharpener Acadia Axemen Hockey

My Hockey Rankings

MyHockeyRankings was developed as a way for fans of youth hockey to spread the love of the game. It started simply as a set of links to hundreds of clubs so people could easily located clubsteams to assist in scheduling games.

Hockey by Design

Hockey By Design is exactly what it sounds like: a site about visual design and branding in hockey – specifically, the NHL.

The Pipeline Show

Get to know tomorrow's stars of the NHL, today. Each week on The Pipeline Show, host Guy Flaming speaks with the top players, coaches, general managers, scouts and media from both junior and college hockey. Subscribe for free at iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts or visit www.thepipelineshow.com