Environment Sustainability with Canadian Tire

We received great news yesterday.  Canadian Tire Corporation at https://bit.ly/2BcGgTt (Managing Waste) has now included The Store Next Door as a partner in their Waste Management Program.  This is an incredible achievement for us, and will hopefully help us both raise our profile in creating jobs, along with increasing awareness for the need to reuse and recycle.  Please check their site out if you get a chance, but here is a copy of their article:

Reducing waste and helping a local community one hockey stick at a time

Each year, hundreds of broken hockey sticks are returned to Canadian Tire, where they end up at the Company’s resource recovery centre in Brampton. A majority of these sticks are composite hockey sticks, which has become the most popular choice of hockey stick for amateurs and professionals alike.

Composite hockey sticks are made with graphite and fiberglass, which means damaged sticks cannot be recycled and won’t decompose in landfills.

To combat this problem, Canadian Tire sends broken hockey sticks from its resource recovery centre in Brampton to The Store Next Door Gift Shop, a Yarmouth, Nova Scotia-based social enterprise that employs people with disabilities and focuses on recycling wherever possible. The Store Next Door is a manufacturing and retail outlet of furniture and products made from broken hockey sticks.

Using the broken hockey sticks from Canadian Tire, the team at The Store Next Door creates furniture, such as tables, patio chairs and headboards, as well as hockey stick bookends and chalkboards. This unique solution helps Canadian Tire keep hockey sticks out of landfills and supports The Store Next Door’s efforts in employing persons with disabilities in the Yarmouth community.

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